BairesDev works with startups, middle-market businesses, and more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies developing innovative solutions that make an impact.

TEN-65 is a real-time app that allows users to request on-demand trucks or schedule dispatches. Users are free to enter multiple pick-up and drop-off locations, details of their shipment, and specific instructions on delivery. Users then receive automatic quotes and dispatch of an appropriate sized truck closest in proximity to the pick-up location.

Draftee is an online drafting service for Australian Builders. We are local and this means we are committed to helping your business grow. With our team of qualified drafters, we are available whenever you need us.

Meshifi is an all in one wireless internet package tailored to suit your business needs. This includes setup of guest networks to give your customers high speed WiFi access.

Dispatch App is a field services management and tracking system, highly customizable for businesses that need to manage files services and agents during the day. This solution brings together real-time updates on schedule changes, services performed, as well as performance insight for users.

AG TeleHealth is proprietary Tele Medicine solution for small clinics and in home care business that allows open access to doctor consultations without leaving a home or remote facility. High Definition Video enables doctors with help of nurse to do remote check-ups. This bring quality care to remote locations that used to be hard to get and required a big effort for patient to receive expert doctor time.

Oak Street Health (OSH) is a leading provider of health services in the Midwest. Our team built a custom HIPPA solution for Patient Relationship Managers (PRM) to gain insight of their activities and pipeline. This solution allows OSH to increase visibility and performance of their PRM team and remove dependencies of high security risk data files with PHI on local machines and cloud platforms.

SignPush connects businesses to either their audience or customers in multiple industries and locations around the world. Restaurants, entertainment venues, sports stadiums, healthcare centres, corporate offices, airports, conference centres, retail outlets, education facilities, out-of-home advertising hot spots, and real estate are all currently enjoying a shift in their marketing and promotional displays.

Verie is a state-of-the art solution for law enforcement agencies to monitor offenders of any type simply by verifying identity and current location via GPS and mobile network. Offenders submit a photo and necessary information at the request of law enforcement, and data is then stored in a centralized location for usage. is an online marketplace that allows clients across the globe to train and interact directly with personal trainers and fitness professionals in real-time, High Definition video chat.

ParkerBrent is the leading provider of training for construction workers. Our work has provided them with a customized training management solution, giving instructors the tools necessary to seamlessly monitor class performance and grade assignments. This also gives ParkerBrent the ability to track class activities as well as their instructors.

The StratusVue System: Project Software Far Superior to the Status Quo. Mobile App for iOS and Android allows user to sync project documents and activities for accessing them on field at anytime.

ExplORer is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the operating room. Best practices are built into a surgeon-customized workflow for each case. Surgical activity can be tracked and adjusted as part of a learning health system. This means safer and more efficient surgery.